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As both the site and the project are still being developed, we don’t have an extensive list of rules or policies. We hope that everyone engages with the site in the spirit the project was conceived¬†(friendly and community-minded), and we’re sure they will. But below are some thoughts, guidelines, disclaimers and notices. We’re all new to this so let us know if we’ve left anything important out!

Unless otherwise stated, the copyright in all material published on the website is owned by the Gorton Way. You may not use any of the content on this site except for personal/private use. None of the content may be published elsewhere without prior consent of the Gorton Way team.

We have endeavoured to identify all copyright owners in any content we have used; however, if you feel we have used something without permission for which you own the copyright, please let us know.

We don’t want to have a long list of rules, and it may be that we get more specific as we get to see the type of comments we get. We fully expect everything to be very positive. However we do have a few specific guidelines.

  1. The website is exclusively for personal, non-commercial use.
  2. You may not publish any part of this website on your own or any third party website or other publication.
  3. Anything considered by the editorial team to be offensive, profane or contrary to the spirit of the site will not be published, or if it has been published, may be removed at any time without warning.
  4. The Gorton Way team is not responsible for the veracity of the information contained in the website, nor any user-generated content; anybody relying on any content does so at their own risk.
  5. Publication on the site of user-generated content does not necessarily amount to endorsement of any views contained in that content by the Gorton Way team.

We endeavour to fact-check all content published on the website. However we cannot guarantee that the website is completely without error. The fact-checking is done by a team of local volunteers and historians, and though we of course attempt to be rigorous, mistakes may happen. Please inform us of anything you feel to be inaccurate, providing evidence where possible, and we will investigate.

Unless otherwise stated, all content on the website is original content generated by the editorial team. Where we have used any external sources we will reference them. However if you spot something which you feel hasn’t properly credited another work, please inform us and we will investigate.

At this stage we have no idea how many submissions we may receive, and we’re all new to this, so the finer details of how all this will work may be subject to change. Please bear with us!

Initially our plan is to invite people to contact us through our contact page and suggest any ideas they may have about new content. All final decisions about publication will be made by the editorial team.

Once things progress, we hope to be able to give some advice and guidelines on how to put a piece together, but for now just contact us and we’ll discuss how best to move forward.

Any content submitted for publication may be edited for the sake of clarity or readability before it is published.

Of course anyone is still free to comment on any existing content using the comments box.

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