Welcome to the Gorton Way 

… a place for people to share their thoughts and memories of Gorton. The project is a celebration of the area, drawing together sites of local importance in one place in the hope of encouraging discussion of the people and places that make Gorton special. We want to capture the kind of details that get left out of the history books. We want a history of Gorton as told by its residents.

What is the ‘Gorton Way’?

The ‘Gorton Way’ is the name of the project, the website and the informal trail that runs through Gorton and which links the various sites of interest we’ve chosen to highlight. We call these sites the Waypoints. You can find out more here.
Help! – the project is in the early stages of development. We hope to get things moving quickly, but we need your help to do it. Click here to find out how you can get involved.

The Waypoints

The Waypoints comprise 30 sites linked by an imaginary trail that snakes around Gorton. They were selected to combine natural, historical and social/cultural sites across a wide area of Gorton. The Waypoints are the focal point of the Gorton Way project. You can find out more about the project and how we selected the Waypoints here.

Take the tour!

You can visit our Map & Waypoints page here to see our interactive map highlighting the trail and all the stops on the Gorton Way.


Help us to uncover Gorton’s past so we can preserve its place in the future.

There are parts of Gorton that no longer exist, and without people to document them they will be lost. But we want the project to be less about the buildings that no longer exist, and more about the people who used them.  The building on the right is the old Gorton Town Hall on Hyde Road in the early 1900s. But who is the boy on the bike? Who are the people on the tram?

The essence of an area is in the people who inhabit it, also the way they inhabit it, the kind of places they frequent. Social hubs, like pubs, are the beating heart of any locality. But they disappear all too quickly. Pubs, like those in our post The Lost Pubs of Gorton are a few of a number of places like this that no longer exist. The post is inspired by a number of paintings found in the attic of one Gorton resident, painted by his father. And that’s the kind of thing this site aims to promote: the digging out of old memories.

The website is a digital record of the people and places that make Gorton what it is – and what it was. So take a walk down the Gorton Way and start recording!