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How to Use the Site

Firstly, feel free to take a look around. The project is centered around the Waypoints, a collection of 30 points of interest in Gorton, and each one has its own page. In addition to this there will be new posts added periodically, some related to a Waypoint, some just related to Gorton. The Waypoints are listed in our Maps & Waypoints page, and the posts in our Pieces from the Past page, and there are links in each section to related content.

The idea is for people to share their thoughts and memories about Gorton, which in practice means adding a comment to one of the posts or Waypoint pages, or any page on which there is a comments box at the bottom. We’d also like people to write posts of their own or give us ideas for new content. We’re still working out exactly how all this will happen as things are still in the early stages. But for now, if you have any ideas for new content, please¬†contact us.¬†

Below are some bits of advice on how to use particular aspects of the site.

You can add a comment or respond to someone else’s comment any time you see a comment box at the bottom of a page. Just click on ‘start the discussion’, fill in the relevant details and leave your comment. You can also subscribe to get update emails relating to comments on this site.

The coloured buttons towards the top and bottom of selected pages can be used to share content on your chosen social networking site. Click on the relevant button (for example the blue button with the white ‘f’ for Facebook) and follow the instructions to share the page or post you are currently viewing with your friends or followers.

You can click on the white envelope either at the top of selected pages or on the green menu bar at the top of each page to subscribe to our site. This means you can get email updates whenever new content is added to the site.

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Find out how you can contribute to the site and the Gorton Way project.

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