How do I get involved?

The project is about getting those who know Gorton intimately involved in the telling of its story, with the various points on the Way serving as a focal point. We want the kind of information that the history books leave out. We want the story of Gorton as told by the people of Gorton. We want memories, personal anecdotes, novel connections between Gorton and other people or places of interest. Anything you think might fit within the scope of the site.

In terms of the format, we’re open to anything. The easiest option is for people to comment on existing content. But we also want content of your own. Maybe you have a longer piece you think could be included somewhere, or perhaps you have a story or fact you’d like us to look into and work into an article for inclusion on the website. It could be a box of old photos in the attic that reveal forgotten parts of Gorton (see the Lost Pubs of Gorton). Whatever it is, get in touch with our editorial team and we’ll discuss how best to get it included.

At the moment the site and the wider project are still in the early stages of development. Eventually the hope is that the beating heart of the site will be the thoughts and memories left by those interacting with the existing content. Of course it will take time for this get going, and there’s still a lot of the primary content that needs developing.

In the meantime, if you have any ideas, please let us know.

You can add a comment or respond to someone else’s comment any time you see a comment box at the bottom of a page. Just click on ‘start the discussion’, fill in the relevant details and leave your comment. You can also subscribe to get update emails relating to comments on this site. See our How to Use the Site page for more details.

We encourage all ideas, so please contact us with any suggestions. The project is still in its early stages, so things will no doubt change as we progress. We can’t promise that any content will be published, but the hope is that the site will get a lot of its ongoing content from outside contributors. We hope to get a more definite process in place soon.

See our Terms & Conditions page for all the relevant info.

If you think you could help with the project in any way, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!

Check our events calendar here to see if we have any upcoming events.

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Find out how you can contribute to the site and the Gorton Way project.

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